Calling All Breakfast Challenge Lovers: Ground Round, Neenah Wants You!

Think you have what it takes to complete the Ground Round, Neenah Breakfast Challenge? Let us give you the details before you say, “YES!”

To take on the challenge, you must eat the following items in 30 minutes or less:
> 1 ‘Road to Recovery Burger’ (10 oz.)
> 1 pound of hash browns
> 2 oz. strips of bacon
> 1 ham and sausage patty
> 2 pancakes
> 2 biscuits and gravy
> 1 fruit parfait

If you eat it ALL, you can officially say that you won the challenge! Better yet – you’ll receive the items mentioned above for FREE ($25 value) AND a $25 gift certificate to the restaurant if you’re a champion. Interested in giving it a shot? The challenge is available during all breakfast hours: Monday through Friday from 6-10:30 a.m. & weekends from 7-11 a.m. Talk with one of our team members to sign up TODAY! 


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