You’re A Superhero To Ground Round, Neenah

Superheroes come in many shapes and forms, and Ground Round, Neenah has a uniquely special way of recognizing them. What is this way, you ask? Reserved parking. 

At Ground Round, Neenah, our team understands and appreciates the efforts of emergency management professionals. To show gratitude, we’ve dedicated parking for OUR superheroes.

This reserved parking is meant for police officers, firefighters, military veterans, and so many others. It’s located near our other handicap spots, close to the entry of our restaurant establishment.

Offering superhero parking allows us to show how thankful we are for those who help and make differences in our daily lives. Next time you visit Ground Round, Neenah, watch for our “Superhero Parking.” It’s our way of saying – THANK YOU to our superheroes!

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